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Our main objective is to give your brand an original, instantly identifiable look and feel.

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Today’s consumers are relying more than ever on the web to guide them in their purchasing decisions.

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Our goal is to get people to look at your ads and listen to your ads. We will help your business grow. Clients are satisfied with their ROI all across the country. TV and Radio advertising, production and creativity experts with our marketing, and 30+ years experience in one of the nations largest markets, Atlanta GA… enough said.

Media Media

Anything from Digital advertising to TV media, we have your solution. High resolution graphics and responsive layout makes theme look great and crisp on any device and screen size.

Kirk Donovan Enterprises, Inc. is an award winning Marketing and Advertising agency that excels in media buying and clever creative for radio and Television, mobile marketing, Digital Advertising, Web marketing and social networking.

The Digital Marketing Revolution

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Adsense 2: The Digital Revolution

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Kirk Donovan has built a solid career as a retail advertising consultant. But he has added one element in his understanding of how to get results for his clients…an element that most people in his field do not have. Knowing that the purpose of any advertising message, in one statement, is to get people to respond to it…Kirk became a Behavioral Scientist. He got a Masters Degree and did his PhD studies at Florida State University in the field of Behavioral Science.

In 1984 he founded Kirk Donvovan Enterprises, Inc., an Atlanta advertising consulting firm that specializes in getting results! His company has unprecedented success in taking smaller retail businesses and helping them grow. And as the nature of communications and advertising changed so did our methods of reaching people efficiently and effectively.

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