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How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website

Building Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic is known to be one of the primary ways to grab potential customers. Building Organic traffic can take a great deal of time and effort, but the content you put on your website today will help drive traffic to your website in the future. Using basic search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. It will help you market your website and position it to be found at the most critical points of the consumers buying process. When it comes to building Organic traffic there are a few things you should keep in mind:

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What is Native Advertising and How Can It Help Your Company?

Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the structure and function of the platform on which it appears.” It is advertising dressed up like content, by clicking on the link the person might think it is going to bring up information but, in reality, it brings up an advertisement.

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How to Make Your Marketing Count

The Key Questions Your Need to Ask to Make Your Marketing Count 

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Why Blogging Is Important For Your Business

Blogging Matters

If you want your business to stand out among it's competitors, you are going to need a powerful online presence in today's internet-based society. You want the name of your company to come up at the top page of a search when someone is looking for your professional industry. To do this, you will need effective search engine optimizationYour search engine rank matters and one of the most effective ways to increase your search engine rankings is to add unique, high-quality content on a regular basis by Blogging. 

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5 Simple Strategies To Do Quality Market Research


If you are planning on growing your business or venturing into new markets or niches, then you need to learn deeply about your customers, your competitors, and your industry. Market research provides valuable insight to help you minimize risks, identify current opportunities and future problems in your industry and identify new sales growth areas to reach your current customers or develop an entirely new customer base.

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Why Email Marketing Still Works

Email Marketing Is One Of The Most Personal Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing is one of the most important and personal ways your company can communicate with its clients and customers. Most companies are in need of an Email Marketing strategy that will target specific customers and give the user a sense of control. Using personalization features and marketing automation will ensure that your emails will match the unique interests of each recipient. We are going to talk about the top 5 reasons your company, large or small, should utilize Email Marketing in your Digital Marketing campaign. 

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How To Use Calls-To-Action For Your Company

What Is A Call-To-Action? 

A Call-To-Action is a link or button on your website that drives prospective customers into leads by filling out a form on a landing page.

A Call-To-Action is the link between the regular content that your possible customers is interested in, and a page with a higher value offer on it that is relevant and interesting to persuade the customer to complete a short form.

Many marketers forget this very important step. They will write great creative marketing content, but forget to lead their potential customers to the next step in the process. At Kirk Donovan Enterprises we show you how to engage the prospect effectively through targets next steps.

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5 Ways To Create an Effective Facebook Ad

5 Ways to Create an Effective Facebook Ad that Converts

Facebook has become one of the most powerful tools for Digital Marketing and Advertising, it is inexpensive to test online marketing campaigns, and Facebooks analytics tools make targeting and researching your audience simple.

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The Secret Sauce - 4 Proven Strategies for Developing Effective Advertisements

As an Atlanta Marketing and Advertising Agency we have been asked countless times over the years what makes for an effective advertisement?

Is it the look?

Is it the message?

Is it the Call-to-Action?

or something else?

Today we are going to reveal some of our top strategies on how you can create an effective creative advertisement that produces results.

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2 Reasons Why Production Advertising Can Help Your Business

Production Advertising For Your Business 

Let's face it, most ads are ignored because people are not really looking or listening. Your company needs to deliver a message that will cut through the clutter. Kirk Donovan Enterprises uses Production Advertising to pin-point campaigns that keep consumers on your website longer by creating a message that will demand their attention. 

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