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Nothing can connect people quite like a story can. It draws upon the deepest seeded human emotions (humor, sadness, fear, joy, peace…) and brings them to life right in front of a persons eyes. You just know it when you see it. A great video grabs an audiences attention and compells them to take action immediately, but creating a great video takes time, expertise and a creative eye to capture the essence of human emotion. Our Atlanta Video Production Team has over40 years of experience writing and producing award winning television commercials, product videos and web videos for some of the largest and most respected brands in all of Atlanta.

Our Atlanta Video Production Services include:

  • Television Commercial Spots: We know how to make the spot stand out, and how to create a message that will get people to respond.
  • Infomercials: We can develop interesting, informative and attention getting infomercials to help you grow your business and build your brand.Atlanta's Best Video Production Company
  • Product Videos: These videos should be informative without giving too much away, they are your video brochures that give each customer a taste of what you offer and entice them to want more.
  • Corporate Videos: Corporate video production covers a wide range of purposes, from conventions, to speaker profiles, and sales engagement.
  • Training Videos: If you want to help raise the morale of your workforce or help implement a new sales process or strategy, training videos can be a way to connect with your team on a deep level and give them resources they can always come back to.
  • Video Testimonials: We will help coach your customers to speak from their heart, it will not be scripted but will come from a heart of genuine appreciate for all that your company has done to provide great service.
  • Web Videos: Web videos explain how to use your product or service and if done properly, these videos reach out and let you close the deal personally. We can work with you in developing and producing these videos with professionalism and ease.
  • Aerial Cinematography: With new drone technology, aerial views can give your customers an awe inspiring experience.
  • Video Blogs: Video blogs are an extremely effective tool to communicate with your target market on a more personal level, no matter the size of your business. Share with your current customers how they can solve problems with your product.

Engaging potential customers with high quality Video Production can quickly show them the personality of your company, showcase products and build the reputation of your brand.

The world of video advertising has become inundated with broken promises and meaningless rhetoric. It’s not just about the flashy looks it’s about developing ads that focus on the elements of your product which get people to respond to your message. Many award winning ads have gone to the advertising graveyard because they didn’t convert views into buyers. The flash is the lure, but every message should also have something on the hook your audience can bite onto. We are experts at creating those messages and delivering them in a fashion people enjoy.

Kirk Donovan Enterprises has proved it’s ability to create high quality videos that not only look great but deliver exceptional results. We feel confident that our Atlanta Video Production team will exceed your expectations. To speak with Kirk about our Video Production Services directly please click the link below.

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