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One of the greatest challenges companies face in today’s marketplace is how to get found online. Search Engine Optimization has become a buzzword that every company knows they need to take advantage of but seldom know how too or if they have tried it before, the company promising them such fantasical results failed to deliver. At Kirk Donovan Enterprises we believe in taking a data driven strategy to Search Engine Optimization that helps create not only visiblity but connectivity with your brand and you marketing efforts as a whole. Our Atlanta based SEO Company provides industry leading analytics and reseach to help back up our services so you know how we are going to implement our Search and Keyword Strategy and how it is going to better connect your company with hungry buyers.

Stay Up to Date

Search Engine algorithms are ever-evolving. So you need a team to stay on top of these progressive algorithmic changes and adapt quickly. Our in-house experts will help you set your SEO strategy and with our marketing software, social integrations and mobile optimized pages, will keep your strategy current.

In order to implement a successful SEO campaign, our Atlanta SEO team will identify keyword trends in each stage of the buyers journey as well as location specific search trends. Good search rank starts with good keyword research. We will help you optimize for the right keywords, improve your rank over time, and keep an eye on your competitors, all in one place. Built in with the keyword research comes our tracking software which monitors your progress for a given keyword or keyword phrase over time, so you can see how well your site has been able to pivot to help better caputure more market share. 

Your website and its ability to rank for key terms depends heavily on the quality of your contect. Our content team works directly with our Atlanta SEO teamBlogging Team and Social Media Strategist to better implement site content that reflects the keyphrase strategy, target audience and sales funnel stage. The united effort helps build continuity and drive a significant boost to your search engine rankings and increase your brand authority by attracting new users to the site.

On Page Diagnosis

For any page on your website, the Atlanta SEO team will provide a Page Performance report to show you the rank and effectiveness of every page on your site. We’ll alert you of unique SEO opportunities and give you suggestions on how to fix current SEO problems, so that every page on your site is fully optimized to produce results. Along with onsite technical improvements, our tailored approach helps increase search visibility for relevant terms that will expand your reach.

Reputation Management

As more customers share information about their experiences with companies, your reputation becomes a large focus on how potential customers perceive your brand. Our Atlanta SEO team will make sure your company has accurate search results on Google, Yelp, Kudzu and any other site that has a powerful review platform. We will help drive a positive review process be creating active participation with your current and former satisfied customers, giving them a way to share their expereince with your company so you can be seen as a thought leaders and reputable company in your targeted area.

Reporting and Analytics

Every month your SEO account manager will provide a detailed report of everything associated with your SEO campaign. This keeps you informed of how our work is affecting your site and brand. Ongoing reporting also helps us tune our strategies to give you up-to-date solutions based on results that are producing.

Our Atlanta SEO Team Reports include:

  • Paid and organic traffic
  • Current and Project Search Engine Rankings in Google and Bing
  • New vs. Returning Users
  • Average time spent on site also known as website stickiness
  • Identifying the visits, contacts, and customers generated through your landing page which can help drive an email strategy
  • Viewing your visit-to-click conversion ratio on your landing pages
  • Revenue by Source of Traffic

 Kirk Donovan Enterprises is able to segment and target a Search Engine Optimization strategy based on behavioral analysis of your current customers and search trends in your area. Our mission is to develop SEO campaigns that appeal to both the rational and emotional motivations of your consumer, while maintaining your vision. We have become renown in Atlanta, Ga for producing exceptional SEO results. We are confident that our Atlanta based SEO team will be able to exceed your expectations and help you convert more new customers and retain current ones.

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