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Marketing is part Art and part Science, it intertwines the very best of creativity, brand expression and analytics of measurement. For over 40 years Kirk Donovan Enterprises has been providing full service marketing strategies from our home office in Atlanta to companies all over the world. What gives us sustainablility is our ability to innovate, we are passionate problem solvers and we are more hands on than any Marketing Agency we have looked at. This allows our customers to give us direct feedback from their customers and we can change our strategies instantaneously to meet their new demands or to capitalize on new opportunities.Marketing Agency and Creative Strategy Atlanta GA

Simply put, we serve our clients by giving them the best opportunity to translate the value of their product or service into disarming executions in every kind of media. We like to accomplish this work quickly—in days and weeks, not months and quarters because every day that goes by is another potential opportunity lost for any potential customer to connect with your brand and be delighted that they made the right purchase decision.

A specialty of ours is helping you explore your business goals full and capture an idea, a concept, an effort, a request, or an initiative. This allows us to help map a program or story in the most effective way that meets your budget standards and aligns with your companies vision and mission. When you meet with your board or managers you will have a clear cut plan in place and knowledge on how to excute the plan. Our Atlanta Marketing Agency can guide your plan into full execution.

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In the 24/7 world we live in, your marketing strategy is always working for you or working against you. Making meaningful connections through engaging customer experiences turns customer perception into reality. We are into delivering long lasting results that effect your potential customer whether they are online, offline or mobile.

Communicate your Vision, Connect With Your Customer and Create An Image That is Etched in Their Minds. That is what Kirk Donovan Enterprises has become renown for in Atlanta and around the world. Providing complete marketing solutions based on researched strategies that will exceed your expectations and help you convert more new customers and retain your current ones. To speak with Kirk about how our Atlanta Marketing Agency can help you, please click the link below.

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