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It is our belief at Kirk Donovan Enterprises, Inc. that the most important person in an advertising campaign is the client. Creative Advertising Agency Atlanta

Our mission is to develop Creative Advertising campaigns for Atlanta based companies that appeal to both the rational and emotional motivations of your consumers, while maintaining your unwavering vision.

There are several ways we can help you achieve your goals with Creative Advertising:

Brief History of Creative Advertising

The world of creative marketing began years ago and has grown in many different ways since it was first introduced.

The use of electronic messaging began in the early 1970’s around the same time as television and telemarketing ads became the popular way to advertise your company.

In the early 1980’s the first mobile phone was produced and sold for $3,995.

It was not until 1991 that the world wide web became publicly available, and shortly after the use of web-based email services was launched.

The early 2000’s is where we see the beginning of some of the most popular websites today such as, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

In the year 2013 the majority of companies were looking to increase their digital marketing budget.

Since then, the Creative Advertising world has continued to expand.

How Our Creative Atlanta Ad Agency Can Help Grow Your Business

Innovative Strategies for Creative Advertising CampaignsOur company has grown with Creative Advertising for over 40 years, making us experts on how to best serve your companies marketing needs.

We believe that creativity can make people stop what they are doing and pay attention.

With our approach to creative advertising we will help you get past meaningless rhetoric and develop ads that focus on the elements of your product which get people to respond to your message.

Our goal is your image, and with our Atlanta teams unique approach to Creative Advertising we will help your company meet it’s marketing objectives and goals for years to come.

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