The Fast Forward Life: Does Anyone Really Pay Attention to TV Ads Anymore?

Is Television Advertising Worth it? | Does anyone pay attention to TV Ads anymore?

With the advent of the Digital Video Recorder and other methods that give television viewers the ability to skip past advertisements, many advertisers fear that their ads are getting fewer views and are becoming less effective.

Moreover, why wouldn’t they?

It seems like that would make the most sense. Nowadays people are recording more of their favorite tv shows and then watching them with the ability to skip past the advertisements.

However, multiple studies have found that that is not necessarily the case.

Now don’t getmywrong, the ability to fast-forward through advertisements has definitely affected the industry. However, this does not mean that Television advertising is not still an effective medium to include in your media mix.

In fact, one overlooked fact that DVR has improved in television advertising is that people are watching more tv today than they were before its implementation.

“Among those that own DVR systems, 47% still prefer to watch live television over recorded, meaning your ads will still be seen by your target demographic”.

However, what about the 53% that prefer to watch their shows once they have been recorded, and then have the ability to fast-forward through the ads?

Not to mention, the statistics say that 86% of those viewers who are watching their shows after recording them are fast-forwarding through the ads. Can ads that are beingfatforwarded through still have a positive effect for the advertiser?

According to one study, fast-forwarded ads can still achieve the desired effect even when sped up to having a 95% reduction in some frames that are shown.

A study was done to test whether ads that werefast forwardedthrough could still reach their target audience. In the study, advertisements for candy bars were placed in the center of the screen with product info, and when viewers fast forward, they were still able to remember the advertisement, even though they were without audio and sped up so fast.

Furthermore, research has shown no change in shopping behavior in homes that have a Digital Recording Systemverseshomes that do not have one or previously did not have one.

So what do all of these statistics really mean?

Effectiveness of TV Advertising

These numbers show that yes, DVR has had an impact on television advertising, but when Agencies can adjust to these changes, they can still achieve their television advertising goals.

Just ask the consumers. 52% of people still say that television advertising has the most effect on them compared to other mediums such as newspapers (10%) and online video ads (2%).

Television is still the most effective advertising medium at display and brand building, and is most effective in the 18-34 age demographic, while least effective in the 55+ age demographic.

So what can television advertisers do to their ads to help keep their advertising goals on target?

According to the viewers, people would consider watching more television advertisements if:

  • Ad breaks were shorter (42%)
  • The advertising campaigns were more memorable (32%)
  • The Advertisements themselves were shorter (17%)

Just because the landscape of television advertising has changed, it does not mean that the ads are not still effective and should be left out of your advertising campaign.

Advertising agencies, like in all industries must simply adapt to the technological advances that have become the new norm.

“Television ads have always been the most memorable and fan favorite type of advertising since the beginning of the industry.”

The risk of your ads being fast-forwarded through does exist, but with the right placement and creativity, your ad can still reach your target market and have the effect on them that you desire.

This is where using a professional with an indepth understanding of the industry is crucial to the success of your television advertising campaign.

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