The Fast Forward Life: Does Anyone Really Pay Attention to TV Ads Anymore?

Is Television Advertising Worth it? | Does anyone pay attention to TV Ads anymore?

With the advent of the Digital Video Recorder and other methods that give television viewers the ability to skip past advertisements, many advertisers fear that their ads are getting fewer views and are becoming less effective.

Moreover, why wouldn’t they?

It seems like that would make the most sense. Nowadays people are recording more of their favorite tv shows and then watching them with the ability to skip past the advertisements.

However, multiple studies have found that that is not necessarily the case.

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3 Advantages of Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising in Atlanta Georgia Doing Radio Advertising Successfully

Radio Advertising can create messages that will make people not only hear but listen is a very powerful tool for your advertising campaign. When done properly, radio advertising campaigns have the ability to attract many new customers.

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Why Outdoor Advertising Still Works

Outdoor Advertising With Billboard Marketing

The Outdoor Advertising industry has always been a dominant force in branding companies, and it is one of the most successful ways to engage potential consumers on a larger scale. The average person is spending more time out of their home than ever before. Outdoor Advertising is the perfect solution to keep up with your consumers’ busy schedule.

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The Difference Between Sales And Marketing

What Is The Difference Between Sales And Marketing?

Both Marketing and Sales are geared toward increasing revenue. They are very closely intertwined that often people do not realize the difference between the two. However, marketing is different from sales, and the roles and responsibilities are different for both.

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How To Effectively Advertise On Twitter In Atlanta?

Using Twitter Effectively in Atlanta

Twitter Advertising Done Right

One of the most simple, yet effective ways to help launch your marketing campaign is by using Twitter Ads.

Twitter Ads have powerful targeting options that will allow you to customize your audience as well as boost organic Twitter activity. You can use Twitter to put your ads in front of the people who are the most relevant to your brand, product or service and engage them when they are looking for information.

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4 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

4 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

There are many mistakes a company can make when it comes to digital marketing. Many companies make mistake after mistake based on gaps in understanding how marketing works.

People have transformed how they consume information, research and review products and services, make purchasing decisions and share their views and experiences. The customer is more in control than ever, and businesses need a Digital Marketing strategy to be able to keep up with their clients.

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How To Define Your Target Audience?

Defining Your Target Audience

Having a well-defined target audience is extremely important for the survival and growth of your company. No one can afford to target everyone. However, this does not mean that you are excluding people who do not fit your criteria. Instead, having a target audience will allow you to focus your marketing and brand message on a specific market that is more likely to buy from you than others.

This is a more affordable, efficient, and effective way to market to your potential clients. The more potential customers you want to reach, the more time and money it will take to do so.

Defining a target audience might feel constraining, but you should focus on a portion of the people who might be interested in your products to communicate and engage with them more deeply.

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Keywords That Get Your Business Found Online

Get Found Online With the Right Keywords

One of the biggest challenges is to getting your business Website found Online is developing a list of keywords and keyword phrases that your customers are actually searching for.

When you begin brainstorming for keywords, it can be difficult to know where to start. Your keyword strategy will evolve over time as you continue to do marketing research. Here are some helpful strategies for developing keywords. Using Keywords To Get My Business Found Online

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How To Build An Effective Landing Page

Building Effective Landing Pages

Our Atlanta Advertising and Marketing Agency can help you develop creative Landing Pages that convert. Online Landing Pages are where your visitor arrives on your website after clicking a link from an ad or any type of targeted campaign. Landing pages are built to convert your visitors into leads.

Your Landing Pages need to provide targeted messages that match the user’s needs. Building Effective Landing Pages In Atlanta, Georgia

Before you can build an effective Landing Page there are a few things you need to consider.

  1. What Is My Goal?
  2. Who Are My Competitors?
  3. Who Is My Audience?
  4. How Did They Arrive On My Landing Page?
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Writing Content That Converts

Writing Content That Converts Visitors Into Leads in Atlanta GA

For your company to generate leads from your content strategy, you will need to consider both the content and the content experience. Your content needs to create value for your audience, but it also has to be part of a well-optimized content experience for it to become content that converts visitors into leads.

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