Keywords That Get Your Business Found Online

Get Found Online With the Right Keywords

One of the biggest challenges is to getting your business Website found Online is developing a list of keywords and keyword phrases that your customers are actually searching for.

When you begin brainstorming for keywords, it can be difficult to know where to start. Your keyword strategy will evolve over time as you continue to do marketing research. Here are some helpful strategies for developing keywords. Using Keywords To Get My Business Found Online

  • First, you need to make a list of the products and services that your company offers to your customers. You should try to keep your list focused on long-tail keywords instead of broad keywords.
  • You will need to figure out what problems your leads might have that your company can potentially help solve. Once you do this, create a list of keyword phrases that match the questions your potential leads search for solutions.
  • Keep in mind that your potential leads will be searching using keywords they are familiar with. They might not be aware of all the industry keywords for your products or services. You want to be able to describe your business to someone who has never heard of your company before.
  • Make sure you know what questions your leads are asking. Once you know what the questions are, you can develop a list of keywords that match all of the different ways the questions are being asked. Usually leads want to know what your product or service costs, how to purchase, and what type of support your company offers.
  • Develop keywords that you believe someone who does not know your product would search. Think about how you would search for your own business.
  • Be sure that the keywords you choose are relevant to the content on your website. Your leads will read the keywords in a search and determine whether or not they are going to keep reading. You do not want to mislead them by giving the wrong idea about your topic.
  • Be consistent in your language on your website to rank for keywords that you frequently use in your content. Come up with a strategy for your branding so you can focus your keywords in the same direction.
  • When developing long-tailed keywords, be specific to your company’s services and products. It is also important to use some location-based keywords.

The key to an effective keyword strategy is to determine how often someone will search for that specific keyword or phrase on the web. If your company needs help developing a professional keyword strategy that is going to best suit your website and deliver results, Kirk Donovan Enterprises can help you achieve your goals.

We have become renown in Atlanta, Georgia for developing a keyword strategy that delivers results. We are confident in our ability to exceed your expectations and help convert more new customers and better retain your current ones.

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