What Every Savvy Business Owner Knows about Radio Advertising

Advertising on the Radio is often times over looked by business owners when they decide they are ready for an advertising campaign because they feel it is outdated and no longer has the effect it once had.

In fact…

Radio advertising is still one of the most effective mediums ever business should include in their overall marketing plan and with the growth of podcasts and other verbal only media, refining your message on radio can help you transition into other platforms as well and help develop a powerful marketing mix.

But more on that later…

Right now, lets see what makes Radio advertising so effective.

Below are some critical radio statistics and benefits that every savvy business owner should know.

Radio Advertising Statistics You Need to KnowRadio advertising statistics you should know

  • There are more than 6,000 radio stations in the United States.
  • Over 50% of Americans stream online radio at least once per month.
  • 92% of Americans over the age of 12 listen to the radio weekly.
  • 85% of the population is reached weekly by AM/FM.
  • 25% of the population is reached weekly by Satellite Radio.
  • 15% of the population is reached weekly by Online Streaming Radio.
  • 59% of the population is reached daily by Radio.
  • Radio listeners spend an average of 109 minutes per day listening to the Radio.

Benefits of Radio Advertising Every Business Owner Should Know

Advertising on the radio offers a unique combination of benefits that you do not see in other advertising mediums. Often times business owners get caught up in the glamour of television and digital campaigns and overlook the value of Radio.

Lets take a look at some of the benefits of Radio advertising that every business owner should consider when they decide to advertise.

Cost Effective
Why should my business advertise on the Radio?

Radio advertising is one of the most cost effective advertising mediums available. A lot of this is due to their being a less complicated production process than with other mediums.

In order to produce a television ad, there will need to be directors, editors, writers, actors, studio time and many other expenses. With radio advertisement production, there are less components, meaning it takes much less time and money to produce.

Airing the radio advertisements is also much less expensive than other advertising options. Radio spots can be purchased at all different lengths, as well as other opportunities such as sponsorship.

Radio advertising campaigns cost much less to produce and air, while still being effective at reaching your target market and engaging with them.

Easily Targeted Ads

One of the benefits that seperates radio advertising from other mediums is its ability to be targeted to certain locations and demographics.

As mentioned above, the United States has over 6,000 Radio stations. This means that businesses can find localized, or nationally broadcasted stations to make sure they reach the customer base they want.

Furthurmore, radio stations keep records of the demographics of people that listen to their station. This information will include categories such as age and gender.

Business owners are able to get an accurate measure of the reach that their ads will have and make sure they choose a time slot that reaches their target market.

When business owners are deciding on a station to air their ad, they also have the ability to choose what type of show it will play during.

Some of the popular types of Radio shows that are available options for business owners include:

How much does Radio Advertising Cost?
  • Top 40
  • News or Talk Radio
  • Oldies or Classic
  • Country
  • Adult Contemporary
  • Hispanic or Foreign Language
  • Religious Stations

When deciding on a radio station, there are many factors that a savvy business owner will consider before making their buy.

Understanding the demographics of the Radio station ensures that your message will reach your target market and is as effective as possible.

Radio Advertisements are Intrusive and Intimate

Radio advertisements are effective in delivering their message because of how they reach consumers. Generally, when people listen to the radio, they are performing a task such as driving or exercising.

The person is usually by themselves, and can focus their attention on the advertisement. Even if they do not focus their full attention on the advertisement, the message is more effective because of how it is being delivered.

“Since your message is being delivered by a familiar radio personality and on a station that the person is a fan of, they may begin to associate your brand with their entertainment”.

This can create a larger amount of mind share and brand recognition in your target market. Now, when they go to make a purchase, they will recognize your brand and most likely choose it over less familiar ones.

Quick and Flexible Production Time

Radio is flexible to produce and takes much less time than other forms of media. When businesses choose to create a television or print ad, the production process can take months or even years.

What are the benefits of Radio Advertising?

Then, once the ad has been produced, they must wait until the ad can be fit into the media schedule. Radio, on the other hand, can take as little as three weeks to go from production to airing.

What also makes radio advertisements flexible is that if they need to be changed, it is fairly in-expensive and easy to do.

Simply having the radio station re-record your advertisement is cheap and allows businesses to adjust their message if needed.

If something needs to be changed on a television or print advertisement, there is really only one way to go about it.

For television, you must shoot an entirely new commercial, and for print, you must produce a new ad. This can get very expensive and lead to an even longer wait period to get your advertisement out there.

Radio advertising is an effective form of advertising that every savvy business owner should be aware of. Radio ads allow you to create a unique message, and reach your target audience while they are on the go.

If you are interested in learning more about radio advertising, and would like to speak with a professional with years of experience, click on the link below and recieve a free radio advertising consultation.


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