Successful TV Advertising Tactics From the Pros for First Time Advertisers

Business owners are finding that TV Advertising is delivering more customers than any other type of ad campaign.

The key is to have a clear understanding of the market as well as your target audience, that way the money you spend on broadcasting is not wasted.

The basics are still crucial to any television advertising campaign, but now it is necessary to be more creative than ever.

Creative Strategies to Maximize Your TV Ad Spend

TV Advertising Tactics

Even though new wave technology is sweeping the world, television advertising still has its benefits.

It is both a visual and auditory medium rather than just, visual or just auditory.

This allows advertisers to utilize various methods to influence individuals with hopes of turning them in to customers.

Advertisers try to appeal to multiple senses of the consumer at the same time.

For example, if your TV is muted or the volume down, an advertiser needs to rely on the sensory images in the commercial. If the sound is on but the consumer isn’t looking at the TV, the word choice, music, jingles, and overall message needs to be appealing, attention grabbing, relevant, interesting, helpful, or informative.

Print and radio advertisements also have their own benefits, but they fall short due to the fact they cannot play upon multiple senses of the audience at once.

Many people wonder how they can still be successful with TV advertising. Well the key to getting and maintaining a person’s attention is still what it used to be, just on a more competitive level.

Below are four of the best television advertising tactics to use in your next ad.

Word Choice:

You may not think about it, but every single word in a commercial is perfectly thought out and placed.

Professionals come up with the pitch and create the most concise and simultaneously powerful message they can in the allotted amount of time.

For a little extra oomph, a company could deliver their message via a celebrity or spokesperson. And imagine this being combined with stimulating visuals, it’s an advertising masterpiece.

Television Advertisment Campaings

Additionally, what the commercial sounds like it tells you is usually slightly different than what it is actually saying.

However, it usually happens so quickly that viewers don’t have time to read the fine print or analyze the words carefully for any disparity.

You are given the combination of visual and auditory information that grabs your attention and engages you, but also distracts you from the whole truth using semantics to their advantage.

For example, commercials for diet and weight loss, one of the most popular but also the most deceptive on TV.

The commercial can make a claim, which is technically true, stating their formula is proven to increase weight loss. However, the research could show it only increased weight loss by an extremely minuscule amount, like 1 pound, over a very long time period, like a year.

Appealing Visuals:

When you are attracted to the visuals in a commercial, it has a better chance of engaging you and being able to pitch you the product or service.

Whether it be models, famous celebrities, or images representative of the life you dreamed of, when you become engaged, the advertisers have the opportunity to pitch you whatever they have to offer, or inform you about their message.

Catchy Music, Slogans, and Jingles:

Sound is one of the biggest benefits of television advertisements.

Singers creating a jingle for a tv ad

Having a popular hit song play, or a memorable slogan or jingle means your audience will be engaged.

Their memory will be triggered every time they hear that song, or think of your catchy slogan when they find themselves in a particular situation in which they require your product or service.

Making your viewers retain information, and raising awareness about your product or service, even if it is only in their subconscious, gives you an advantage if they are ever in need of it.

Here are some good ideas on creating jingles.

Loud Volume:

Ever notice when you are watching a TV show and it breaks for commercial and the first commercial just about blasts out your ear drums?

Well, even though the show was at a very reasonable and normal level, the commercial’s loud volume was not an accident.

Advertisers use this tactic to ensure that the watcher’s attention is grabbed. By bombarding you with sensory information, you are at least guaranteed to pay enough attention, even momentarily, to rectify the loud sound.

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