The Difference Between Sales And Marketing

What Is The Difference Between Sales And Marketing?

Both Marketing and Sales are geared toward increasing revenue. They are very closely intertwined that often people do not realize the difference between the two. However, marketing is different from sales, and the roles and responsibilities are different for both.


The goal of marketing is to generate interest in the product or service and create leads and prospects. It is important to understand the marketplace from the perspective of the customer and helping lead the company where it needs to be in the future. The job of a marketing team is to direct the organization toward a group, or segment of customers and channels where the company can profitably competeDifference Between Sales and Marketing. Marketing also needs to build relationships, develop leads, and direct sales. Some of the typical marketing activities include:

Marketing should bring forth an offer that will meet the customer’s needs right at the time and place of sales opportunity. The most effective marketing is about communication, not manipulation.


The job of Sales is focused on converting prospects to actual paying customers. Sales involve directly interacting with the prospects to try and persuade them into purchasing their product. Sales are typically one on one with the salesperson introducing your company or product to the customer. What will drive the success of your sales plan, is the quality of the people you have chosen for your sales team. Some of the typical sales activities include:

  • One On One
  • Developing Relationships
  • Looking After Individuals
  • Analyzing The Individual Customer

The Sales perspective is from inside the company out to the customers, and it is focused on the now, this week, this month and this quarter. If sales does not concentrate on the now, then there may not be any revenue.

Working Together

Both Marketing and Sales are opportunities for the creation of a mutual benefit. What you ultimately want from a buyer is a relationship, not a sale. Relationships should be built on trust, and this will require considerable skill. If you have to convince someone of something this can be tough and usually a bad idea.

At Kirk Donovan Enterprises, we believe that the most significant person in an advertising campaign is the client. Our mission is to develop creative advertising campaigns that appeal to both the rational and emotional motivations of your consumers, while maintaining your vision.

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