Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to bAtlanta's Premier Social Media Companyuild brand awareness, loyalty and ongoing consumer engagement. Social Media is always changing, improving and creating new opportunities for your company to connect with consumers. The question is no longer if a business should have a Social Media strategy, the question for most businesses is how to execute best a meaningful and engaging approach that will generate the best results. There are so many Social Media options out there; businesses have to decide what works best and what to avoid. Here is a list of some of the Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing Do’s

  1. Know Your Audience: You need to tailor your social media pages for your consumers not based upon your personal interests. Make your posts interesting and relate-able for your consumers, give them exactly what they are looking for.
  2. Be Interactive: You need to find a balance between being active on Social Media but not overwhelming with information. You want to create content that is informative and inspiring. Take time to interact with your clients or potential customers by asking questions that inspire a response.
  3. Be Creative: When you are creating content, make sure you change the elements of your posts to highlight different information in the post or target a different segment of your audience. It is important to be creative with your posts and show your customers your personality. You want to show people what makes you different for your competition and stand out, so people remember your company!
  4. Focus On Customer Service: Customer service can make or break your business. You want your customers to be happy, so they not only continue coming to you but also share their feelings about your company to their friends and family. By keeping your customers happy you will create excellent word-of-mouth advertising for you company.
  5. Be Innovative: Experiment with your Social Media strategy to find new and interesting ways to present the same information across all of your social networks.

Social Media Marketing Don’ts

  1. Not Engaging With Customers: One of the worst things to do is ignore your audience. No engagement may have them feeling as if you do not care about their questions, comments or concerns. Deleting information, refusing to answer, and ignoring relevant comments are a huge marketing failure.
  2. Deleting Negative Comments: Acknowledging negative comments shows that your company is proactive in resolving issues and that your goal is to serve your customers. By recognizing the problem, you can make an upset customer happy and prevent further issues later.
  3. Too Much Automation: You will lose touch with your customers quickly if it always sounds like a computer is speaking to them. You want to make the engagement experience for your customers more personable.
  4. Avoid Posting the Same Material: You will quickly become an annoyance to your followers if you are continually posting the same information over and over again, whether it is by email or social networking.
  5. Do Not “like” Your Own Posts: You should stay away from “liking” your material. Instead, encourage your employees to share and like the material that is being posted for your company.

Kirk Donovan Enterprises starts every Social Media engagement by addressing the needs and interests of your target audience. We develop relevant campaigns that your consumers will want to be a part of. We will track activity to ensure we are not only raising awareness but also inspiring profitable consumer action.

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