How To Convert Leads Into Sales?

Are you looking for the ultimate, most time-tested strategies to convert new leads into customer sales?

In this blog post, we are going to go through psychological triggers that produce a positive buying experience, how you can use customer feedback to build a marketing strategy that works and examples of decisive landing pages that get people to convert.

5 Common Psychological Triggers That Influence Buyer Behavior

Psychology 101: Pain or Pleasure

All human beings essentially have similar mental triggers that drive action. To influence and understand your customers, you need to know what those triggers are and how to utilize them in your marketing message.

If you walk into any Psychology, 101 class at your local university one of your first studies will talk about that all human behavior, at its root, is driven by the need to avoid pain and the desire to gain pleasure. What we enjoy taking action on, are products and services that directly solve a problem in our lives that cause us stress.

In your companies marketing message, your goal is to educate your leads how your product directly takes control of their main stressor before you ever ask for a dime. The more of their problem you help solve for free, the more likely they are to buy from you.

How to Use This In Your Marketing Strategy…Free Trial!

Use A Free Trial To Help Turn Leads Into Buyers


Sometimes when you leave a question unanswered it inspires us to take action because it increases activity in the parts of the brain associated with pleasure as well, and going back to point one if we can increase pleasure we can also increase conversion.

Give them a taste of how they can achieve their desired result or leave behind their current pain through your products or services or like any parent knows, tell them not to take action or challenge them will something and watch the person go ahead and do it anyways.

If you need some information on how to evoke curiosity check out this link

Build Anticipation and Share Your Story

No company does this better than Apple, their PR and Marketing department promotes their products months in advice leading up to a product launch.

Incredible Product Launches

In fact, multiple authors speak in depth about the steps necessary to launch an effective product by building anticipation over a certain length of time to wet the appetites of your leads. This process engenders trust if done

In fact, multiple authors speak in depth about the steps necessary to launch an effective product by building anticipation over a certain length of time to wet the appetites of your leads. This process engenders trust if done correctly because you are sharing key pieces of useful information that leads can put to use immediately while always leaving a cliffhanger about how the next iteration will be even better (Think Movie Trailers). This product launch formula is geared for both new service offerings as well as physical and digital goods.

If you can construct a reliable message, share a story that inspires (Telling stories activate parts of the brain associated with sight, sound, taste, and movement; 95% of cognition happens outside of our conscious brain and inside our subconscious, emotional brain.) and are serious about adding value to each and every single one of your leads. This might be the best possible psychology tool that you can utilize. We all have bought a product before just because we know the reputation of the company or have already experienced their value previously.

Join Us In the Battle

Create a common enemy and ally with your prospects against it to get them fired up to invest in your products and services. This has been a benchmark way to drive political campaigns and is the reason radio talk show hosts like the bombastic Rush Limbaugh, and controversial Howard Stern continue to top the charts for listeners.

Every audience has a common enemy that they believe is the reason they are not getting the results they want and are holding them down from becoming more. Common enemies unite us as a group against unrighteous causes and is the main reason how people can convert others to their way of thinking.

If you are a not for profit or a company that truly knows the pains their target audience is facing, you have an excellent opportunity to create a story around a common enemy and help other to fight the cause with you.

Virality Anyone?!

Creating Brilliant Viral Marketing
How to Make More Sales with A Common Enemy

Logic In Decision Making

Our brains are always searching for answers and looking for the easiest ways to complete a task.

As human beings, our rational mind is always searching for meanings, even when there is no inherent meaning. We want to understand why, we seek to find meaning and explanations to understand everything we experience in life. We need a reason to take action on something, some trigger that will better explain something that just doesn’t make sense because…

Psychologist Ellen Langer found that people are willing to do more for you if you give them a reason, even if the reason is completely arbitrary.

People standing in line to use a photocopier were 34% more likely to let someone cut in front of them, even when their reason was as meaningless as “because I have to make some copies.” When the person used the word because it gave an explanation of meaning behind why the person was cutting in line. This is a simple yet profound study in why people take action.

Help give your leads a reason they should follow you. Because…

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