How To Recover From An Email Marketing Mistake?

Email Marketing continues to be one of the most successful ways a company can reach its target customers. Email is one of the few digital communication lines that was not a fad. It is the main form of communication among business people, students, friends, and family. Email Marketing may be an old advertising technique, but it is far from dead or dying. It is a necessity in today’s world and a stable, steady, and successful one.

A marketing tactic, such as email that is so fast and can reach high volumes of people all at once can also be dangerous. Mistakes are going to happen and should be expected, so it is important to have a recovery plan ready. Mistakes in email can appear in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, errors in format, text, pictures, videos, and even timing

How to recover from an email marketing mistake?

Sending an email the wrong time can be embarrassing for your business. For example, sending an email for an event, sale, product, or service that is old, expired, or no longer available is false advertising and must be corrected. The same goes for sending an email too soon.

This mistake could ruin a marketing idea that has been in the works for months. Jumping the gun on an email could send your customers into a frenzy that your business, website, or employees were not quite ready for at the time. Just like everything else in life, timing is everything in email advertising.

If your marketing email does happen to get sent out at the perfect time, that does not necessarily mean it was mistake free. There can always be errors that you do not see until after the fact. Noticing spelling errors, picture, and video mistakes or other types of mistakes within the email post-send can be gut-wrenching. These types of mistakes can make your brand or business look unprofessional.

Here are some steps your company can take to correct efficiently any email marketing mistakes that may have been made.

  • Mitigate The Damage

First and foremost, if it is at all possible to pause the email or cancel the send, do it! Although this may create more work, it is worth it in the long run. This way you can correct the format, picture file, or spelling and grammar mistakes before re-sending.

  • Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Some email mistakes are not that bad. Having an extra letter in a word or an unnoticeable spelling or grammatical error is not worth alerting the media for. Do not blow up you customer’s inbox with apology emails that draw more attention to the mistake. The majority of people will not notice the blunder and the rest will chalk it up to simple human error and move on.

  • Email Marketing Best PracticesSweat The Big Stuff

Sometimes a mistake will happen that cannot be ignored. If this is the case, your company will have to acknowledge the mistake and take the designated steps to correct it.

For mistakes that were only sent to a portion of your subscribers or only effect a certain amount of people, try to employ a targeted apology or resend. This technique will allow you to make amends to those who were made without drawing attention to your mistake from those who were not involved and would have otherwise not noticed.

If the email mistake was sent to all of your subscribers and effects them all, it is best first to check the performance of the email. If it has caused a drastic underperformance, then something must be done, but if everything seems to be functioning as normal, maybe it wasn’t as bad as you thought. If the latter is not the case, a single apology email and reaching out on other platforms, like social media, should hopefully repair the damage.

At the end of the day, we are all human, and mistakes happen. Despite the extra efforts taken to prevent these types of mistakes, human error will sometimes make its ugly appearance. It is better to assume this type of thing is bound to happen and set up a process to help respond accordingly rather than being caught off guard and overreact in the moment.

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