How Important Are Customer Reviews For Your Business?

When customers are searching for you, on-line nothing establishes confidence and accountability in your brand more than positive online reviews. It shows potential customers you are doing something right and ignites a trusting relationship before they purchase your services.

Providing customer reviews and testimonials on your site pages is an excellent way to influence buyers and show your brands importance to other happy users. Additionally, your testimonial page serves as a platform to show off your products and services, content consumers, and a way to boost your online presence and accountability.

How Effective Are On-line Reviews?

According to Motz, studies show that 92% of consumers now read online reviews and that 68% of these cite positiveHow Customer Reviews Can Boost Your Business reviews as a significant trust factor.

Also, a survey by Zendesk found 90% of 1,046 participants said that positive online reviews (testimonials) did influence their buying decisions.

A positive customer review brings a type of validity to the table that other marketing efforts just can’t. People will take the time to read about reviews; whether on social media, emails, your website, or print ads; these all play a part in directing more traffic to your site and strengthening your brand.

But how should you structure reviews and testimonials?

How can you best influence buyers?

What should you include on your company’s review page?

Here are some helpful tips to effectively market your brand using quality customer reviews.

Use Relatable and Detailed Reviews

Show pride in your unedited reviews and display them in a notable spot on your site. Include customer’s quotes, names, and locations and be sure to highlight clients who users can relate to.

You can choose to devote an entire page to your radiant testimonies or create a sequence of reviews on your blog. Separate from adding accountability to your site; reviews provide answers to visitor’s questions about the product quality and how it can better improve their lives.

Good Vs. Bad Reviews

Having reviews on your site not only increases traffic but it also influences conversion rates, and the key is not all reviews have to be good reviews.

Yes, that’s correct even bad reviews can have a positive effect on your conversion rate, but how can this be true?

A variety of both good and bad reviews shows that you aren’t trying to hide anything, and makes the good reviews seem more genuine.Think about it, assume you found a product with hundreds of 5-star reviews and not a bad or critical review in sight—you would most likely be a bit suspicious, wouldn’t you? As long as your negative reviews don’t conquer your positive ones, the more reviews you have shows a higher level of honesty and reliability.

Respond to Reviews Even the Bad Ones

This is one of the most overlooked steps in marketing.

Every marketer looks to surveys and data to gather feedback, but hardly any of them respond directly back to their customers!

Make sure to take notice of all reviews, and this is for both the positive and negative reviews. Be sure to respond quickly and show your customers that you care. Showing your customers that you are concerned and you are willing to repair the problem, sets you apart from your competitors.

In fact, your company should have a strategy already in place to mend the relationship, do you send a gift card? Offer a free service? Fix the problem free of charge? You need to know what your customer needs to be satisfied.

The best part, if you successfully mend the relationship, that person can change their review and become a leading evangelist for your brand in the future.

Take Advantage Of Other Review Sites

Sites such as, Yelp, Review Center, and Trust Pilot are local directories that give people the ability to share their experiences about various businesses and brands. When inquiring about a certain business or a business’s product, visitors are shown reviews and ratings along with the listing.

You can choose to create an account or have the option of advertising on these sites. Just make sure your advertising methods are laid out correctly, for example, your logo shouldn’t be buried under the fold or at the bottom of the page, and your contact details should be easy to identify.

Improves Organic Search Ranking’s

Affirming customer reviews on your site can produce positive results for your companies’ organic search rankings in search engines. How does this work…. you ask?

Each new review about your product added to your site increases the flow of unique content your site offers, meaning you will build authority and higher relevance, and, as such, a greater opportunity of getting those pages ranked.

Interestingly, there is a way to “markup” the format on your review site, so Google can index them directly and keep them as possible “answers” to user queries. Seemingly, this allows your products reviews to be featured in higher preference over natural search results, giving your company more search visibility.

Building your business with reviews
On-line Review Features You Can Implement On Your Site Immediately:
  • Customer quotes over large bold images
  • Case studies in Q&A format
  • Client-Story Videos (2-3 minutes)
  • Short customer quotes next to photos and videos
  • Include company awards and badges of recognition on the testimonial page
  • Format your testimonial page for social media posts
  • Give users the ability to sort through customer reviews by category

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