Quick Tips on How to Grow Your Business With Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers

In traditional marketing (outbound marketing), companies concentrate on the search for customers. Their techniques are based on interrupting and intrusive approaches and are poorly targeted. To name a few, methods such as cold calling, print advertising, T.V., advertising, junk mail, and spam.

Technology and digital advances soon began to change the world of marketing. People began to reject outbound strategies by using Caller ID to block cold calls, Streaming services such as, Netflix & TiVo nearly erases T.V. advertisements, spam filters block mass e-mails and tools like RRS are making print and display advertising less effective.

Inbound Marketing quickly became the preferred marketing approach laying outbound marketing to rest.

Inbound marketers create compelling content (create videos, business blog, and empowering content) that is useful and educational to their prospects, allowing access to relevant content that customers look forward to reading. Instead of driving their messages into a crowd over and over again, they attract highly qualified customers to their website like a magnet.

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