5 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Successful

With so much content being created every day by thousands of marketers, standing out and gaining visibility to your brand isn’t as easy as it once was. More and more businesses understand the impact of producing valuable content, and with so many people competing for attention. How do you construct a successful content marketing strategy? Content Marketing
Your creating similar content – As more and more content is being published it becomes harder and harder to stand out above competitors. Producing lengthy blog posts and valuable content is relevant to your marketing strategy. But when viewers see the same topics and tips, again and again, the value in your content quickly drops.

If this is ringing any bells, try to redirect your game plan. When you come up with a topic, gain a great depth of insight before you tackle any writing aspects. Ask yourself, why are people interested in this subject and start at the core. Be creative, be aware of the latest topics and trends in your industry, and present your information in powerful ways.

It seems a successful content marketing strategy is shifting to providing valuable information in a unique and fresh way.

Leverage your content properly– If you are just producing content in hopes of getting the attention your content strategy isn’t going to be effective. Your content isn’t serving a purpose because you aren’t delivering valuable content fixed on a specific phase to the buyers journey. The goal is to nurture your lead from the top (attract phase) further down to the middle and finally converting at the bottom of the funnel.


Throughout the funnel add in conversion points, allowing visitors to enjoy content pieces such as a newsletter, download an eBook, sign up for a webinar, demo, trial, etc.

Constructing content at each stage of the sales funnel is what nurtures your lead into a delighted customer.

  • Top of the Funnel- Appeal to your audience, answering questions and sparking interest. You want your viewers to come back to your site to get answers and information. E.g., Blog Posts
  • Middle of the Funnel- Continues to build a relationship with your potential buyers, keep them engaged, lightly mention products as a solution. E.g., Ebooks & Whitepapers
  • Bottom of the Funnel- Your view should be ready to buy, and you want them to buy from you. Often, leads at the bottom of the funnel just need guidance to take action, continue to nurture them while closing the deal.

Connect with your audience– This has been repeated over and over, and it’s almost annoying hearing it so much, but it is such an important concept to inbound marketing. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE …..know your audience..….know your audience. If you don’t understand their needs, desires, and problems how can you actually engage with them and keep them wanting more? Take the time to research your audience: demographics, personal goals; pain points are all excellent examples.
Promote your Content- Content promotion is just as important as content creation. Attracting organic traffic to your sites through content isn’t enough, sitting back and doing nothing to promote your content is a good way to kill your content marketing.

Here are a few easy ways to promote your hard work:

  • Emails
  • Tweets
  • Marketing email to a landing page
  • Facebook posting
  • Sharing in LinkedIn
  • Mention your content when you comment on other websites and blogs
  • Discover the sites your audience visits

You don’t have a Call-to-ActionGiving your content a purpose, and an excellent way to additionally do that is through a call-to-action. Without a strong call-to-action in your content, the reader won’t have a clear direction on what to do next. With so many distractions coming from every direction leaving your viewer to decide what to do next is the last thing you want. The action you want people to take could be anything: download an eBook, sign up for a webinar, get a coupon, attend an event.

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