How To Use Keywords To Optimize Your Website

How To Use Keywords

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Keywords are usually a word or phrase that is used correctly throughout a website page to denote the topic of significance and it provides vital Search Engine Optimization quality scores for the website. Internet search engines use keywords to identify the topic of information they are looking for. Using keywords is critical to improving your search engine ranking and your websites Search Engine On-page Optimization score.

Why Are Keywords Needed?

Keywords are the topic of your website content. Every page you create should have keywords phrases that help your visitors understand the purpose of your page. Many people will scan your page to find the keyword they searched for to make sure your page is relevant to what they wanted to find. Keywords also help search engines understand your website pages purpose.

Where To Use Keywords Keyword Optimization Atlanta Georgia

  • Page Title: The title for your website page.
  • Body Content: The main text written on your page.
  • URL: Web address for the page.
  • Image Tag: This text will not show up on the page, it is the HTML code that is used to add an image to your page.
  • Meta Description: The text that is displayed in the search results.
  • Site Navigation Link: The text that forms the links on the site navigation or side bar.
  • H1 Tag: This is the main header tag for your website page.
  • In-Content Link Text: This is the text that forms the links on your pages that link to other pages on your website.

How Often Are Keywords Needed?

Search engines will usually give more weight to the first 200 words within a website page. Therefore, the page title is the most important place to add keywords to your page. It is also important to make sure you use keywords proportionally throughout the entire page.

In the process of optimizing your page with keywords it is very important to remember that keywords can be overused which will be detrimental to your search engine ranking. Stuffing too many keywords in a meta tag, heading or within the content of your web page can result in a penalization. Try to only use keywords that are actually relevant to the subject matter in a way that makes sense to an average user.

Keywords can help you position your website to be found at the most critical times. Knowing how to optimize keywords for your website is essential to getting your company found on the internet. Consumers are relying more and more on the web to guide them in their purchasing decisions.

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