Is There A Future In Blogging?

What are the benefits of blogging? Haven’t everyone’s interests moved towards social media anyway? As we all know the internet is constantly modifying and changing trends, so it only makes sense for marketers to adjust their content pieces with how their readers are changing.

Nowadays, most people are intrigued by social media posts, videos, and vibrant images, the concept of blogging seems to be a hopeless cause. However, is blogging dead?

Blogging is not necessarily dying perhaps it is evolving into different configurations or its being took to various mediums.

The year 2016 marks the new beginnings of industrial developments, where new renovations and consumer preferences will open new doors as to how marketers will do business.

When you are constructing new and influential blogs, it is imperative to keep informed of how your viewers consume information and ensure you focus on making that work. Everything is a trend and as new technological advances emergeBlogging Best Practices older concepts may quickly go out the window.

Adapting your blog or website to conform with the new market is important if you want to stay innovative and engaging to your audience.

For example, many bloggers are building apps that coddle with the increasing number of people interested in purchasing or reading using their phone instead of a desktop. This also creates possibilities for technologies such as SMS messaging or push notifications which aren’t usually compatible with a desktop configuration.

Content Pieces That Are Most Appealing To An Audience

Hubspot found that consumer’s habits and preferences on how they want to consume content have dramatically changed over the past years. For the most part, longer written content is more likely to be quickly skimmed, and content containing more visual elements, such as videos and images, are more likely to be thoroughly digested.

When it comes to content the following appeal the most to viewers:

  • Videos > 55%
  • Social Media Posts > 52%
  • News Articles > 49%
  • Research Content > 47%
  • Online Classes/ Educational Games > 37%
  • Interactive Articles or Tools > 33%
  • Long form Business Content > 32%
  • Blogs > 29%
  • Pop Culture or News Related Long Form Content > 27%
  • Podcasts > 23%

Integrate other pieces of content into your blogs, don’t produce content directed specifically towards blog posts. It means make infographics, podcasts, eBooks, and videos. This creates new dimensions for viewers and gives people solutions in a variety of formats applicable to their needs which usually generates more shares. So is blogging dead? No, not at all, it just depends on how you utilize and fabricate your content.

Ways to Stay-On-Top in the Blogging World

Social Media is the key to gaining the most popularity within your blog posts. Facebook has 1.7 billion daily active What is the future of successful blogging?users (DAUs), Instagram has 500 million,Twitter has 313 million, andSnapchat has 150 million.Post your content on Social Media sites where people are more likely to follow your blogs. People rely on Social Media to keep up on hot topics and relatable news. Build a Facebook fan page, or an account wherever you choose and build a communal there.

When should you post your work? Studies show social media thrives in overall traffic during evenings and nights. So if your goal is to build traffic and get viewers to click through to your site, the best time to post is late afternoon through the night.

Name your blog something else. Instead of a blog tab in your navigation bar, call it “Helpful Tips” or “Articles,”—divert from original labels like the title “blogger” and start thinking like a media business.

We have all heard this a million times over; your content needs to be filled with quality information in an engaging fashion.

Develop a Plan. What are your goals? Plan your content months in advance. Know where your audience is and how to target them.

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