Website Development and Design Process

Developing and Designing a Website

Website Development and Design is a process that will outline the steps that are needed in order to complete a website design project. There are many steps involved in a web design and development process. There is no exact process for every company to follow, however, the basics will stay the same.

First Step: Gather Information

One of the most important steps to the website design and development process, is to gather necessary information. This means you will need to take many things into consideration. It is very important to have an understanding of your business goals and how your website can help achieve your goals. Website Development and Design Atlanta, Georgia

You will need to know:

  1. Purpose
  2. Goals
  3. Target Audience
  4. Content

Knowing and understanding these key points will greatly help with the Development and Design of your Website.

Second Step: Planning

You will need to use the information that you gathered from step one to put together a plan for your site. This is when you will come up with a plan for your website map.

The sitemap is a list of the main topic areas of your site. It is crucial to develop a consistent, easy to understand, and easy to navigate system because your sitemap will serve as a guide for your customers when they visit your website.

Step Three: Design

The Design phase of your website development will involve moving the outlined information from the planning phase to help shape your website.

During the entire Design process, you should have your Target Audience in mind. For example, if your company wants to target professional adults you will not want your website looking like it is meant for teenagers.

Step Four: Development

The Development phase is when your actual website is being created. The development stage includes:

  • Developing Framework
  • Developing Special Features
  • Writing Content
  • Organizing Content In Proper Locations

Creating good content and distributing it throughout your website is very time-consuming but extremely necessary to have a great website for your company.

Step Five: Testing

Once you have completed the Design and Development portion of your website, it is important to make sure everything is in the proper location. You should complete a full website review, making sure everything is working, nothing is missing, and everything is functioning properly.

Step Six: Maintenance

Once you have completed the Design and Development phases of your website, that does not mean you are done with your website forever. You will need to provide new content or products on a regular basis to have repeat customers coming to your site. By constantly providing new content or products for your customers you will keep them interested in wanting more.

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