How to Make Your Marketing Count

The Key Questions Your Need to Ask to Make Your Marketing Count

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When approaching Marketing, you want your audience to be able to find continuity within every piece of content your are sharing. This is the essence of building a brand and has a remarkable correlation to how successful your organization is going to be in the long-term.

Some key questions to help drill down into the quality of your Marketing Content are:

  • Is this content relevant to my audience?
  • Why would my audience be interested in this piece of content?
  • Which form of marketing speaks to my audience?
  • Is my message clear?
  • Does my message relate or solve a particular area of need?
  • Does my content spark conversation or is it easily shareable?

Once you have answered all of these initial questions use need to think then about how you will use Content Continuity in your Marketing Mix, here are some questions to ask about all avenues where your Marketing and Advertising can be delivered:

  • Digital Marketing:

    • Is your companies website built just to give people information or does it direct them to an offer and capture information about your audience?
    • Is your website presence relevant to building your brand?
    • What message does your website communicate? Ease of Use? Bold? Professionalism? Humor?
    • Does your website have obvious links back to your social media and vice versa?Mobile Optimization Website Development Services in Atlanta
    • Are video elements on your website directing your audience to take action, does the video ask for communication or is your video strictly informational?
    • Does your website have high-quality functionality on smartphones and tablets?
    • Do you use and know how to efficiently extract information our of your embedded Analytics tool?
    • Are you using surveys to get better clarification from your audience about what information they want?
  • Traditional:

    • What are you using your billboards for? They should be used to build product or service recognition if you just launched something new into the marketplace or billboards can be used as a constant reminder of who you are and can better cement a brand into a person mind.
    • Does your market meet at trade shows? The key to a trade show as said by Rick Marchbanks, President and CEO, Closed Loop Recycling; in St. Louis, “is to invest the time to create and execute a pre-show plan, selectively staff and train, and devise a system to move show conversations to the sales pipeline quickly.” Trade shows can be a little pricey, but if they are used effectively, then can drive hundreds of potential clients into your marketing pipeline.
    • Are you able to produce your professional television or radio advertising content in-house or doAdvertising Production Services in Atlanta Ga you need a professional to help guide you? Remember with the amount of money required to make a TV and Radio campaign successful, you need to make sure each element of production is thought out and each second of your message does three things,
      • Communicated Your Message Clearly
      • Builds your Companies Brand Recognition
      • Drives the person to take action immediately

If you are ready to Make your Marketing Count, please click the link below for a Free Consultation with Kirk Donovan about how we can assist you in growing your companies business in 2016!


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