How To Build An Email Marketing List That Works

Building an effective email list will improve your business growth

If your business has an on-line presence building an E-mail Marketing List is an excellent way to reach out to clients. Regularly sending emails strengthens your relationship with customers and encourages loyalty to a product or service. Implementing Marketing Tools is another way to help target your audience and segment your contacts database allowing you to communicate with already interested buyers. How To Build An Email Marketing List That Works

Constructing your e-mails with informative

content allows you to educate your prospects about your services and products, giving you the opportunity to earn their business when they are ready.

Here are some tips to help build your targeted email list from the ground up:

3 Steps to Quickly Build an Email Marketing List

  1. Attract your audience with quality content- If you want your potential buyers to stay engaged and keep coming back you must provide quality content that is useful to your readers. The number one mistake businesses make when engaging with customers is pushing their products or services onto the buyer. Your emails should add value not ask for it. Be informative and helpful, and answer questions the buyer may have when searching for solutions to their problems. The following are top 3 content pieces used to attract potential customers.
  • Blogging Consistently writing quality content that informs your readers on the latest topics, or ideas surrounding your business is a helpful way to attract a new audience. Your site should have a dedicated blog that is easily visible and accessible from your website. Delivering new content gives your readers a reason to come back to your site and allow them an opportunity to join your e-mail list.
  • Social Media ContentIt is no secret social media is a huge influential component of the internet and continues to grow. In fact, chances are most of your target audience is more than likely active on many popular social media networks.Consistently using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is an excellent way to propel social media traffic to your site that wouldn’t have connected with your brand without an initial introduction.
  • Free Giveaways– What wouldn’t attract your targeted audience more than giving away stuff! You can offer how-to guides, research reports, or eBooks containing free information to attract your customers. When you offer high-quality giveaways, your visitors will be much more enticed to provide their information in exchange for your free offer.
  • 2. Begin to build your lists off of your content- Now that you have developed your content, you can leverage that content to effectively grow your e-mail list. Whatever content you have chosen (blogs, landing pages, thank you pages) your opt-in form needs to be visible either on the sidebar of the page or somewhere easily visible to the viewer. Different audiences will react differently to the placement of the form, so it’s a good idea when testing your design, to only make a single change at a time. This way it is easier to pinpoint what works best and what placement is gaining the highest conversion rates. Test different headings, styles, fonts, colors and locations.

Social media sharing should attract prospects to your site or drive them to your blogs. So, make sure you are placing an eye-catching call-to-action in your opt-in forms telling your readers “what they should do next.” This way it lessens the confusion and decreases the chance for them to move away from your page.

Visitors that read your blogs shouldn’t be required to opt-in your e-mail list to access your website content, however; many visitors will be happy to provide their contact information if they feel the content was valuable. When you use content such as eBooks, reports, and guides, it is acceptable to ask for the readers’ information in exchange for your offer. When the content you offer is enticing enough (and perceived as valuable) your website visitors will be more willing to share information

  1. Create and manage your list using a Professional Marketing Platform– You want to make sure your list is easily accessible, organized, and kept up to date. Marketing automation gives you a sense of control by targeting the appropriate audience while building your content around the customers buying habits. There are several different marketing platforms available that will help you quickly generate, forms, create lists, manage subscribers, and deploy emails track performance.

Email Marketing is a low-cost way to attract a targeted audience and build relationships with personalized content. At Kirk Donovan Enterprises we strive to help grow your company by developing more engaging content that builds a stronger relationship with your customers.

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