Do They Love Me? Building Rapport with your Audience using a Blog

Building Rapport With Your Blog

Building Rapport With Your Blog

With the advent of Blogging came an increase in customer relationships, your audience can instantly leave you feedback which can be a shot of positive in the arm or not something a little less redeeming, nonetheless, Blogs and Social sharing have opened up a whole new world of connectivity that can be wisely used to help grow a Brand,develop a new product line or get the word out about an idea. Here we are going to show you a few strategies on how to build rapport with your audience using your blog.

Blogs are great because they allow us to gather our thoughts and transfer them immediately to our audience. Here are some best practices on how to use your Blog effectively for building rapport:


A Blog can establish thought leadership in a particular industry. For example, say you are a Marketing Director for a heating and cooling business and you hear many customers calling about why they need to get their furnance checked every year even when it is running fine.

You begin to establish your authority in your market by writing a series of blog posts on why preventitive servicing can extend the life of your furnance and save they money in the long term. Here you have already provided great benefits, you have created thought leadership by giving reasons of what you are checking for and your article might be the difference of someone going to you instead of a competitor because you have already established trust.


Blog articles can also be written to warrant a response, writing a blog post like a question can be excellent feedback on where you can refine your service offerings. Going back to our Heating and Cooling example, say the write a blog post titled “How Can Heating and Cooling Companies Better Serve Your Needs?” and a response comes back indicating that the customer would like better explainations of what is being taken care of or they ask why does a particular service like replacing a heating element cost so much, not only can you answer the question but you can create marketing and sales pieces to go out with your technicians to better explain common questions, this will go along way to earning business.

Brand Management:

A Blog is a great way to differentiate your Brand. If you write in a certain tone and feel good about sharing quality information with your audience your audience will feel your enthusiasm. Your confidence in your Brand and the message you’re sharing will cause you to want to blog more, promote more and really get behind your content.

That type of creative enthusiasm is infectious. Your audience will give it right back and will want to use your services going forward.

If you need more tips about how to use your Blog to Grow Your Brand Click Here or if you are ready to take your blogging to the next level or you know you want to start Blogging but just can’t dedicate the time click the link below to see how we might be able to assist you.

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