Old Vs New Marketing Techniques: Which Is Better For Your Business?

What is an Effective Marketing Customer Relationship?

Marketing is a process by which companies create customer interest in their products or services. The goal is directed towards companies in building strong customer relationships by creating messages that hold value for their customers and themselves.

Old school marketing focuses efforts on traditional channels such as broadcast and print to communicate with their target audience.

Successful New school marketers have learned to implement traditional marketing methods that still work with digital technology geared towards communicating with consumers on a deeper and different level.

New school marketing engages heavily within internet channels such as Web sites, blogs, and social networks. But Which one is better, Old School or New School Marketing?

Old School Marketing Vs. New School Marketing Shifting the Marketing Funnel

Marketing analytics often refer to the famous “marketing funnel” when describing how companies prioritize lead generation and conversion. How does a funnel function?

The design is constructed to demonstrate the different actions a customer takes throughout the buying process. Such actions include awareness, interest, evaluation, commitment, and lastly the sale. Old school marketing invested in the widest part of the funnel first.

Their sole mission is to find as many consumers as possible, convert some of them into customers, and develop a relationship with a few of those customers to earn their loyalty. New school marketers do the opposite, and “flip the funnel,” where finding customers now occupy the narrowest part of the funnel.

The idea is to build a loyal customer base and keep engaging communications within those customers. By devoting significant resources and maintaining relationships with those loyal customers, you build a deeper authority and trust which in the long-run develops higher sales. Old school marketers were off the hook, and kind of forgot about a consumer once he or she decided to buy.

Interruption Against Permission: Which One Wins The War?

Push Marketing is an old school tactic that interrupts consumers at times of the marketer’s choosing-while consumers are eating dinner or watching t.v., for example. It’s a shot in the dark if an effective sale will be made, which can be both expensive and inefficient. The majority of the people marketers interrupt have no interest at all in the marketer’s services. Telemarketing calls that target dinner-time is a perfect example of alienating a customer in such a way that clearly ignores consumers’ preferences.

Permission Marketing, on the other hand, is a new school method that signifies a way to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Seth Godin coined the term in 1999; of delivering anticipated, personal, and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. Permission-based messages convey better results they’re only sent to customers who are interested in them. Well-polished permission marketing establishes trust-based relationships between marketers and consumers.

Old School Marketing Tricks That Still Work

Even though we have adapted to a more advanced and modern digital age, some marketing strategies from the past remain to stand strong within the highly competitive business industry. While not all marketers will agree on these throwback methods, some swear they will never lose sight of these “attention-grabbing,” approaches.

Traditional Marketing VS. Inbound Marketing
  1. Promotional Gifts- Most successful enterprises will not dispute the effectiveness of offering a promotional gift along with an every newly sought purchase. Gareth Parking from GoPromotional says Promotional Gifts are one of the most cost-effective ways to make a lasting impression on a potential customer.
  2. Coupons & Mailers- When the ideal consumer can be sent mailers, targeting them down to the zip code or neighborhood, permits many service companies to locate their best potential customers. For example, marking newly constructed neighborhoods with custom patios or decks to add on to their new additions. With that knowledge, we can specialize mailers towards neighborhoods that are between 1-5 years old. Using PPC and SEO can help users find you easily on-line, using mailers can still provide a tangible and personal touch increasing customer trust and awareness.
  3. Pitches & Slogans- The influence of jingles, pitches, and slogans hasn’t gone out the door because they naturally heighten the psychology of the human mind and shared capacity for language rather than swindling a fancy marketing method. Catchy, memorable phrase and slogans have a way of entering peoples’ minds and emerging within their thoughts throughout the day.
  4. Human Billboard or Sign Spinners- In popular cities across the nation, you’ll see jammed commercial strips often displaying impressive acts of sign spinners during prime hours. Using these sort of techniques to advertise may seem ineffectual, but surprisingly grab a lot of attention from wondering eyes while passing by. Pondering the unusually low cost, sign spinning can be an amazingly effective way to spread your products and services to interested prospects.

All in all, marketing has been molded and transformed to fit better with the times, however, there are certain elements and unique techniques which don’t seem likely to lose popularity in the foreseeable future. Crafting engaging slogans or designing psychological hooks are only a few of the marketing methods that rely on human nature more so than technology to grab your potential consumers.

At the end of the day, a marketing company that has the talent and skills to execute both traditional and new marketing strategies will be the most prominent leaders in the trade. If you are searching for a professional and accomplished digital marketing company to give your business the technological touch it needs to gain a profitable customer based audience, then Kirk Donovan Enterprises is your perfect fit.

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