Why You Must Optimize Your Site For Mobile?

Why is it important your website is versatile for optimal formats?

More than 65% of all new phones purchased in the U.S. are smartphones, and Americans can’t get enough of their smartphones. Smartphones accompany consumers pretty much wherever they go. Most of us compulsively check our phones throughout the day, we can’t leave home without them and even sleep with them at night. Our phones conveniently make our lives easier, and Google recently stated that more searches are done on mobile devices than on desktop computers, this is why your website pages must be fully optimized for mobile devices?

More people are using their smartphones to make purchases, look for maps, news bites, check e-mails, do research and more! Day-in and day-out, consumers, continue to connect and rely on their phones for a multitude of reasons. That is why it’s critical for your company’s (large or small) website to look good and run smoothly on smartphones and tablets.

Optimizing your website for mobile search

What Is A Mobile Optimized Site?

A mobile optimized site is a website that is designed specifically for a smartphone or a tablet, not a desktop computer or a laptop. If a site is mobile friendly, it doesn’t require that someone has to pinch or zoom in to read a text.

On a mobile optimized site, the navigation is designed for success, the images and media are optimized for quick loading, the content is sufficient for satisfactory viewing, and the navigation is designed for success. Also, mobile-only functionality includes tap-to-call, tap-to-email and map functionality.

According to Forresters US Mobile Mind Shift Online Survey, 62% of US online adults expect a mobile-friendly website and 23% expect their mobile experience to change based on location.

What is the difference between an optimized site and a compatible website?

There is a definite difference between an optimized website vs. a compatible site. An optimized site is a far more excellent website and convenient to new-age users. If your site is optimized, it will automatically reformat itself for a list of handheld or tablet devices. Not only is an optimized site significantly easier to navigate and user-friendly but you will also notice fewer bounce rates, higher engagement levels, and improved conversions.

The Perks Of An Optimized Website

  • Your visuals and text will fit the screen without having to scroll down to see all the information
  • Big, ‘finger-friendly’ buttons and navigation
  • Incorporates swipe and zoom options
  • Media loads quickly to view optimized photos, visual tours, and videos of your choosing
  • Easily accessible click to e-mail or phone options directly engaging users with your services
  • Text is large and readable
  • Short and bulleted and convenient for navigation, displays on overall appealing site.

Is a compatible website beneficial?

Even though having an optimized site is more beneficial, using a compatible site is better than doing nothing to improve the accuracy of your sites effects. By making your site compatible; your website can still accurately display from desktop or laptop to a handheld phone or tablet. While it will appear smaller on the phone and may not work correctly on a touchscreen tablet, a mobile compatible site can still be functional.

Why optimize your site rather than make it compatible?

Reformatting your site allows you to quickly engage a large mobile audience when critical buying decisions come up. Having a website developed that lets users easily maneuver through the site conveniently from their small screens means reaching decisions faster and finding solutions more efficiently.

Understanding Mobile OptimizationHow Do I Optimize My Website?

Some companies strictly dictate the duties of optimization to a mobile editor, and some are satisfied with controlling their sites in-house. The problem with hiring a one-time fix, or taking the do-it-yourself route is keeping up with the continuous technical changes and updates needed within the digital pages of your site.

An experienced marketing agency can give you the best of both worlds. Hiring an expert digital marketing company allows your organization to enjoy the perks of website optimization as well as the continuous services a marketing team can offer your digital pages.

Kirk Donovan Enterprises will digitally customize and optimize your web pages to perform seamlessly on various platforms, keep your company intact with newest cutting-edge advances that provide you access to endless marketing resources. If you wish to get a Free Creative Marketing Consultation, click the link below.

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