How to Effectively Build a Local Google Business Page to Get Your Company Found

There is a pretty great chance that at some point in time you have searched for something near you, but how does Google always manage to populate not only what you’re looking for, but also the closest match to your location?

How to Create a Local Google Business Page that gets found

Well, believe it or not, that takes a great amount of time, strategy, and work on the business itself. That great sushi place you may have discovered by Googling “sushi near me” was created by a genius marketer who spent long hours perfecting their Local Google Business Page to make it a success.

This is such an important task because that spot is a coveted, non-ad placement on Google that even the richest of companies cannot buy their way on to.

Living in the 21st century, you have probably noticed that everyone searches for what they need online. Many consumers search for businesses, restaurants, and services near them, and any company would be foolish to pass up the opportunity or neglect the free advertising that a Local Google Business Page provides for your company.

But how do you create a successful Local Google Business Page? The very first step you need to complete before creating your own is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand what keywords your prospective and the desired customer will be searching for and what they will consider being a credible result.

5 Tips to Building a Successful Local Google Business Page to Help Your Customers Find You

1. Understand How Google’s Technology Works

It is important to fully understand how Google works for local searches before you start to complete your local business profile. It is beneficial to understand how your desired customer will search for your business or service within your local area and market, so study some local search queries and find out who your top competitors are, and what is working for them.

After that, brush up on how Google determines rankings and decides who gets to show up first when a person Googles for something nearby. You can learn more about a Google SEO strategy here.

2. Complete Your Profile In Full

After filling out the Local Google Business Profile in entirety, ask some of your customers to write reviews. The more reviews, and hopefully positive ones, that your profile receives, the more credibility it will gain on Google, in addition to your customers. It is also essential to make sure your Local Google Business Page is mobile friendly because the majority of searches now occur on mobile devices.

3. Use Consistent Contact Information

I cannot stress this point enough. If there are discrepancies between your contact information, it can hurt your search rankings. Have one constant phone number, email, fax, and address per page and location. If you have multiple locations, create multiple business pages and profiles. Google, as well as your customers, will be confused if you have information regarding five different locations all on one Google Local Business Profile Page. Create separate web pages for each physical location to strengthen the individual location’s rankings.

4. Embed a Google Map and Geo Tag on Images

People respond to visual aids. Including a map or a great picture of your business or service, can be a great help to customers, not to mention that it adds credibility to Google. So not only will your potential customers know where your business is but will know what it looks like and how to find it as well.

5. Optimize with Local Keywords

Associate your business name with the services or product you provide, and the names of the surrounding cities. It should be your goal to create the best content experience on the internet. Informing your customers on the subject with better and more unique content than your competitors will result in your customers considering you the expert in the field. This means they will come to you when they are ready to commit to purchasing.

If you create the best content and are the most credible source populating on Google, you’re going to get rewarded in one way or another. So, remember to be thorough, dig deep, and tell your customers something that no-one else knows.

Over time your Local Google Business Profile will develop and strengthen, and you will be able to generate some strong local attention. If you would like more information about how you can improve your Google rankings and dominate your local market, click on the button below for a free no-risk consultation.


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